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Major Complications Faced in Same-Sex Divorce Cases

Feb 17, 2023 | Divorce

No one wants to think about the dirty laundry their spouses will air when they go through a divorce. Not only do you need to worry about your husband or wife bringing up those things, but you also need to consider the complications that can drag out the case. Instead of having a quick divorce that allows you both to move on quickly, it can take weeks or even months to finalize your divorce. Learn more about the complications that divorce lawyers often see in same-sex divorce cases.

Division of Property

Florida refers to marital property as anything the couple bought together once they married. It might include your primary home as well as your vacation home. The state splits the property evenly between both spouses. On the other hand, anything you bring with you is yours. One complication can occur if your spouse wants some property you bought just before your marriage. They can also argue that they deserve a portion of a home you already owned because they helped pay the mortgage or renovated it.

Support Orders

You need a divorce attorney in Boynton Beach during a same-sex marriage case to get help with support orders. Alimony is an example of a support order. A judge will often order the person with the higher income to pay a monthly fee to help their former spouse. Did you agree to stay home and take care of your children while your spouse worked full-time? Maybe you had an injury that kept you from working. Your divorce lawyer can help you negotiate a support order until you can go back to work. Child support is another type of support order. It only comes into play if you had children together.

Child Custody

Same-sex couples who have children may face complications when it comes to child custody. One partner is usually the custodial parent who is responsible for the child or children most of the time. The noncustodial parent sees the child less often. Even if you split custody, you need to decide where the child will reside and go to school as well as how they will divide their time. This can complicate the situation if you both want full custody. A divorce attorney from a firm like Pyfrom & Reisler, PA can help if you can’t reach an agreement.

Debt Division

Always have a lawyer by your side if you and your spouse have debt. Complications can include credit card debt that is only in one person’s name or money that you borrowed together. You may want to argue that you’re not responsible for the credit card bills your spouse racked up. Another issue can occur when one partner empties a joint bank account.

Divorce Attorney for Same-Sex Cases

A same-sex divorce case features the same complications that any other divorce does. You might find yourself arguing over child support and custody as well as debt and property division. Contact Pyfrom & Reisler, PA to retain a divorce attorney in Boynton Beach who can help you through some of the common complications.