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5 Frequently Asked Questions on Alimony

Jan 26, 2023 | Divorce

Alimony is a court order that happens during a divorce when one partner needs to support the other. It may happen because your partner stayed home to raise your children or if you make more money than they do. Find answers to some of the alimony questions you have before you meet with a licensed divorce attorney.

1. Does Gender Matter?

Some people think that only men pay alimony and that only women receive those payments. Gender has no role in alimony orders. The judge looks at the earnings of each person and other factors such as the future earnings potential of each person. In many cases, the judge also considers how long it will take for the partner who earns less to make more money. A man who makes less than his wife or was a stay-at-home father can get alimony from his former wife with help from a divorce lawyer.

2. Are There Different Types?

Talking to a divorce lawyer in Delray Beach is the best way to learn about the different types of alimony. A temporary alimony order only lasts for a specific period. The judge will often order this when one partner moves out of the house. It ends when the divorce is over. There is also separation maintenance. A judge can issue this order is one partner refuses to divorce the other. It provides that person with help to maintain their lifestyle.

3. Do Alimony Orders Ever Change?

Alimony orders can and do change. You can ask to modify your alimony order if you make less than you did during your divorce. It’s also possible to modify the order if your spouse now makes more money than you.

4. Is Alimony Forever?

You should consult with a legal team such as Pyfrom & Resiler to see how long your alimony payments will last. The amount you pay will depend on factors such as whether you had a prenup and how long your marriage lasted. If you were only married for a few years, you may only need to pay alimony for the same number of years. It may also stop when your former partner remarries.

5. What Happens If You Don’t Pay Alimony?

Once a judge issues an alimony order, you must make every payment. If you stop paying or even skip a payment, the judge can hold you in contempt of court. This can result in you facing jail time or a large penalty. When circumstances change and you can no longer make your alimony payments, contact a licensed divorce attorney as soon as possible. You can get help asking the court to modify the current order such as reducing your payment amount or letting you catch up on missed payments later.

Alimony is one of the more common court orders associated with divorces. A divorce lawyer can help you find answers to any questions you have and assist you in the proceedings. Reach out to Pyfrom & Reisler to find a divorce lawyer in Delray Beach to get all of the legal support you need.